Wide Fit Sandals

Women's Wide Fit Sandals

Are you experiencing discomfort like blisters from standard sandals? It's time to explore our range of wide-fit sandals. Welcome to Shoe HQ, your go-to destination for wide-fit sandals for women. Coming from the house of WM Ritchie, creators of stylish and comfortable women's shoes for over sixty years, we offer a selection of comfortable wide-fit sandals perfect for those seeking an alternative to standard sizing or those with flatter feet.

Finding Comfort in Wide-Fit Sandals

At Shoe HQ, our wide-fit sandals are crafted to provide extra space for your feet, offering comfort and style. Wide Steps, one of our renowned labels in this category, brings you a dynamic and versatile collection. Our sandals are designed to alleviate common foot issues like hammered toes and blisters. We adhere to stringent manufacturing standards, ensuring each pair of shoes is detailed and packed with care.

We pride ourselves on being a size-expansive store, and our wide-fit sandals are available in sizes up to 11. our sizing guide on the website is there to assist you. Our range includes various designs in multiple colours and materials, from belted variants to ankle straps. Our leather sandals, in particular, assure durability and lasting beauty.

Enjoy free shipping in Australia

Get your comfortable wide-fit sandals with free standard shipping across Australia on orders over $99. We also offer express shipping for those who need their sandals sooner, and our simple returns policy provides for hassle-free exchanges or returns if required. For any other queries, our customer service team is also available to assist you; contact us.

Do You Need Wide-Fit Sandals?

Are you wondering if wide-fit sandals are for you? Common signs include blisters on the sides of your feet from regular shoes or developing bunions due to ill-fitting footwear. Those with flat feet often find wider shoes more comfortable. If regular footwear makes your toes curl or feel cramped, wide-fit sandals might be the solution.

Styles Galore in Wide-Fit Sandals

Our collection offers a variety of styles, including block and kitten heels, flatforms, and platforms. Our belted sandals are very comfortable for women with flat feet who want extra support. We also offer a variety of textures and styles in shoes, ensuring you don't have to compromise style for comfort.

Finding Your Perfect Size

See our size guide to find your correct fit. If this is your first purchase with us at Shoe HQ, we recommend measuring your feet for accuracy before ordering. Each product page provides further detailed information about the fit and shape of our sandals, helping you make the best choice.