Block Heel Sandals

Women's Block Heel Sandals

Looking for shoes that offer the style of high heels without the discomfort? Look no further than block heel sandals, a must-have addition to your closet. Welcome to Shoe HQ, the premier destination for fashionable footwear in Australia and the official home of top brands such as Nina, Pink Inc., Sandler, Wide Steps, Jane Debster, and Easy Steps. Our brands, belonging to the esteemed WM Ritchie group, bring over sixty years of expertise in creating modern and comfortable shoes for women.

Comfy Block Heel Sandals

Whether attending a work function or pairing it with a summery outfit, our range of comfortable block-heel sandals caters to every occasion. Each pair is crafted meticulously and adheres to standard sizing norms. As a size-expansive retailer, our block heels are available in sizes up to 41. Styling your block-heeled sandals is easy. These comfortable heels are perfect for extended wear, whether fulfilling errands or attending events. Choose from various materials, including leather, and explore our colour range, from neutral tones to vibrant hues—the ankle strap block heel sandal style suits spring and summer gatherings.

At Shoe HQ, we are committed to enhancing your shopping experience. Enjoy free delivery across Australia for orders over $99 on your order. Opt for express delivery if you need your shoes sooner. Our simple 21-day policy for easy returns and exchanges ensures a hassle-free shopping experience if needed. For any enquiries about our collection of stylish and comfortable block-heel sandals for women, don't hesitate to contact us.

Why are block heel sandals a good choice for comfort?

Unlike stilettos and high heels, block-heeled sandals offer superior comfort, making them an ideal choice for extended wear. The broader base provides extra support, making them more comfortable than other high heels. Their refined design sets them apart from wedges, offering a balance of style and comfort.

How Can Block Heel Sandals Be Styled for Different Occasions?

Block-heeled sandals can be styled with dresses, formal suits, and skirts. They are versatile enough for both cocktail parties and casual events, offering a more polished look compared to flat sandals. Our broad range of shoes and brands allows you to experiment with various designs, heel heights, and colours.

What Heel Height Is Best in Block Heel Sandals?

The ideal heel height in block heel sandals varies based on personal comfort. Heels between one and two inches are suitable for extended wear, while three-inch heels are great for specific occasions. Visit our product pages for detailed information on each pair.