Wedge Heels

Designed for comfort, wedges remain a style staple for women of all ages. Wedges date back to the 1930s and are considered a type of platform heel. Welcome to Shoe HQ, the official home of Easy Steps, Sandler, Jane Debster, Wide Steps, Ravella, Active Flex, and Pink Inc. These brands are from the house of WM Ritchie, which has a collective experience of over 65 years in creating shoes for women. On this collection page, we bring you a selection of wedge shoes that sync with runway trends and evolving elements of contemporary fashion.

Comfortable wedges, impeccable designs

While stilettoes and pencil heels are known for their style quotient, these shoes can be less comfortable than other heeled shoes. Wedges are just right if you want to add height but wish for better ease for your feet. At Shoe HQ, we believe in creating dynamic designs with versatile options, and you can find wedge shoes in all sizes up to 42. All our brands—Easy Steps, Sandler, Jane Debster, Wide Steps, Ravella, Active Flex, and Pink Inc.—are known for accurate sizing and an incredible range of designs.

Whether you are heading for that night out or need a pair of heels to work with summer maxi dresses, this is the style to choose. We have designs in leather, while our fashion picks are also made from synthetic materials. We take extra care to source our supplies from trusted vendors.

Fast shipping and fantastic service

Shop HQ cares for its customers. You can buy wedges online with free standard shipping for orders over $99. Please note that we also have express shipping at a flat fee, and New Zealanders can now shop our products for a nominal charge. We have also included a simplified returns and exchange policy on our website. If you have questions or want to know more about our wedges, please get in touch with us.

How comfortable are wedges?

Wedges are the most comfortable type of heel on the market. You can find designs, heels, and styles in different colours and textures, with ample room to experiment. You could wear these shoes and spend hours walking around without heel pain or strain on the ankle.

Are wedges easier to wear than heels?

Yes, wedges feel easier on the feet than standard pencil heels. Because there is support for the entire foot, you don't have to worry about arch pain. Our designs are carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring no compromise on support.

How to style wedges

Team your wedges with jeans, chinos, and trousers; for summer, you can wear these heels with dresses and skirts. The style is super easy to experiment with, and you can wear designs with platform soles. Check out our collection to match colours and finishes for different occasions and outfits.