Women's Loafers

Elegant, sophisticated, and utterly comfortable, loafers date back to the mid-1800s. Whether looking for a break from those chic-yet-trying heels or trying to include more variety in your closet, these slip-on shoes deserve your attention. Welcome to Shoe HQ, the official home of brands like Sandler, Jane Debster, Ravella, Easy Steps, and Wide Steps. We are here with our collection of leather and suede loafers that are sure to enhance your experience with flats and change how you dress up for casual days and work. Explore our range, backed by quality and the essence of contemporary style.

Effortless styling, unmatched details

Shoe HQ is your go-to destination for buying women’s loafers, with many designs and styles featuring our signature brands. With no laces and a simplified look, loafers remain the ultimate symbol of shoe comfort. When heading to work, team your black or tan loafers with formal pants and shirts, while on casual days, you can wear a pair to run errands or for that casual lunch outing. We celebrate style without compromising on quality, and on this page, you can shop for shoes in reliable materials like leather, besides synthetic variants that are great for that added element of charm. We also offer a broad range of colours, themes, and finishes, offering new options for each day of your week.

Our loafers from Sandler, Jane Debster, Ravella, Easy Steps, and Wide Steps are meant to stand the test of extensive use. We also remain a diverse and size-inclusive brand, with sizes up to 42 for most loafers. At Shoe HQ, we intend to improve your shopping experience by offering express shipping on selected categories and fast delivery through our trusted delivery partners.

If you are new to shopping at Shoe HQ or need assistance with your order, please get in touch with us. We also have a simplified returns policy if needed, and you can refer to the dedicated page on our website for more details. Our helpdesk is around to guide you further as you upgrade your treasure chest of shoes.

Are loafers stylish for women?

Yes, absolutely. Loafers are not only superb for formal and corporate attire but also become a great way to retain comfort for casual days. You can always choose colourful variants to create the desired contrast, while black, grey, tan, and brown remain must-have shades.

Do you wear socks with loafers?

While you can wear loafers without socks, it is usually not the norm for formal settings. Consider adding a pair of black socks as a safe option for these shoes, while white and nude are also great shades. If you are wearing a plaid skirt or a mini dress, wearing socks can help highlight your loafers better, while for maxi outfits, you can skip the idea.

Should loafers be tight?

Loafers should feel comfortable on your feet. Don’t wear a pair that strains your feet, but don’t choose one that would slip off as you walk. We have included a size chart on the respective pages for easy shopping. All products at Shoe HQ conform to the brand's sizing details.