Wedge Sandals

Women's Wedge Sandals

When stepping out for the day, a pair of women's wedge sandals is an excellent choice of shoes to keep your feet at ease. Welcome to Shoe HQ, the official home of brands like Easy Steps, Sandler, Jane Debster, and Active Flex. With over six decades of designing stylish and comfortable wedge sandals for women, our labels stand out for comfort, style, and design. Whether you're looking for simple designs or embellished sandals, we have a suitable collection.

Trendy and Comfortable Wedge Sandals Collection

At Shoe HQ, we strive to deliver dynamic and stylish wedge sandal designs that are true to current style trends and don't compromise comfort. Our comfortable wedge sandals from Easy Steps, Sandler, Jane Debster, and Active Flex are designed to help you enjoy daily activities for long days when you need to walk or stand. We are also a size-expansive store, and most high wedge sandals in our collection are available in sizes up to 11. Our sizing guide will help you find the right choice.

Get Free Shipping on Stylish Wedge Sandals Over $99 and Easy Returns

At Shoe HQ, we are committed to customer satisfaction and offer free standard shipping for all orders over $99 domestically in Australia. You can consider our express shipping option if you want your order sooner. You can refer to our simple returns policy if you need to return an item. You can find more details on our website, and we also recommend referring to product details before placing an order to reduce the waste associated with a return. For additional queries, we have a dedicated help desk team to guide you further. If you wish to track an existing order or want to learn more about our wedge sandals, please get in touch with us.

What are the most comfortable wedge sandals?

Slip-in and strappy wedge sandals are comfortable styles to own across seasons. Whether wearing a skirt, pants, or a summer dress, these footwear designs accentuate your look without compromising foot comfort.

How do you style wedge sandals for different occasions?

As for styling wedge sandals, you can combine them with almost all outfit options, including dresses, pants, and skirts. At Shoe HQ, you can find wedge sandals in various colours, themes, and finishes with numerous heel options, and there are endless ways to style your stylish wedge sandals. For spring and summer, team sandals with skirts, dresses, and maxi outfits. You can also wear a pair with your jumpsuits, cargo pants, and denims. For the fall, these footwear options can be a practical replacement for boots, especially during the daytime.

How should wedge sandals fit?

Your wedge sandals should not be too tight and have room to move your toes. One of the best things about wearing sandals is to have the desired comfort, and because wedges are not as uncomfortable as heels, this category is a perfect option for those who prefer to feel at ease throughout the day.