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What would you recommend for a wide-fitting shoe or a more comfortable style?

Our Easy Steps and Active Flex range are a ‘C’ or ‘comfort’ fit. They are designed to give that extra bit of toe room and added depth to accommodate for a broader foot.

If you are looking for our widest-fit option, our Wide Steps range are a ‘C+’ or ‘wide comfort’ fit. They are designed on wide fitting volumetric lasts for a wider and fuller foot type to ensure maximum comfort.

I would love to purchase your slippers but I don’t know what size will fit me?

Have a look below for our general conversion chart to help you pick the most suitable size:

Small / AU 5-6

Medium / AU 7-8

Large / AU 9-10

X-Large / AU 11

I purchased a pair of Suede/Nubuck/Leather shoes and have noticed some darker marks on them. Can I exchange for a new pair? 

Due to the soft nature of some suede, nubuck and leather materials, they may appear to have marks that subtly vary in colour. This is often a sign of premium leather that has maintained its original aesthetic.

We are more than happy to send you an alternate pair however please note that in these cases, some styles will all have slight natural imperfections as it is the style of the pair.

As long as the purchase meets our returns policy requirement, we will happily provide a refund as an alternative!

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