Leather Sandals

Women's Leather Sandals

Finding the perfect balance of durability, comfort, and style in footwear can be challenging, but not with our range of women's leather sandals. Welcome to Shoe HQ, the official home for all brands from the house of WM Ritchie, a name synonymous with quality shoes in Australia. Boasting over six decades of expertise in crafting comfortable sandals for women, we are pleased to showcase our collection of leather sandals. Our collection features designs from the official homes of Easy Steps, Jane Debster, Sandler, and Wide Steps.

Explore our versatile leather sandal collection

Leather sandals stand out for their versatility, and our collection is a testament to this. At Shoe HQ, you'll find everything from everyday styles to stylish pairs perfect for any special occasion or event. Our range includes traditional designs and comfortable faux leather sandals, ensuring you have various choices for every outfit. Accessible to all, we offer sizes 36 to 41, with a simple size chart for your convenience.

Our women's leather sandals come in various designs, including wedges and heeled designs, with textured finishes and strappy details. Our colour palette, especially the neutral-toned brown leather sandals, will appeal to any fashion enthusiast. Each pair is a blend of style and comfort, crafted to meet the various needs of our customers.

Caring for Your Leather Sandals

Maintaining leather sandals is straightforward. We advise using leather-specific products to preserve their beauty. Avoid washing leather sandals in water to maintain their quality and finish.

The Best Leather Sandals for Summer

Our recommendation for summer includes platform leather sandals, ideal for those long days of walking or standing. Strappy leather sandals are also a great choice. Remember to refer to our size chart for the perfect fit, and consider our slip-in designs for casual outings and beach days.

Choosing the right size

To ensure the best fit for your leather sandals, consult our detailed size guide on each product page. Getting the size right, especially for slip-in sandals, is crucial whether you prefer tight-fitting or loose styles. Our team is always ready to assist with any additional queries.

Shoe HQ Shopping Experience

Experience the convenience of free domestic shipping for purchases over $99 across Australia. Our simple return policy allows for hassle-free exchanges or returns if needed. Keep your proof of purchase and original packaging for easy returns and exchanges.

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